PUR/PU - injecting into a closed mould

PUR/PU injection involves injecting raw materials mixed in the correct proportion into a closed mould. Such material mixtures comprise isocyanate and polyols. The products made using PUR/PU injection are suitable for various applications ranging from rigid reinforcements for composite parts to foams used in seats.

aesthetic surface on both sides

Compressed air and special clamps or actuators or presses are used to apply the appropriate pressure to the mould. As they are subjected to significant closing forces and pressure due to mixture injection (during production), any moulds used in this method must have sufficient durability. To this end, we use special pastes, composites and metal frames and reinforcements.
Once the mould is closed, the mixture is injected through a special opening in it.

Advantages of this method

The CAD/CAM design process includes:

  • cost-effectiveness for large-volume series,
  • low emissions of volatile substances into the environment,
  • excellent quality and uniform product structure,
  • a wide range of density options for the manufactured products,
  • a smooth, aesthetic surface on both sides,
  • excellent process efficiency,
  • possibility of producing complex parts with variable thickness,
  • precise thickness,
  • low waste and decreased material consumption,
  • a low unit cost of component production with tooling costs comparable to RTM technology.

for large-volume series

A low unit cost of component production
with tooling costs comparable to RTM technology