GFRP Composite

GFRP – laminate. A composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. Fibers that we use is usually fiberglass or carbon. Used polymer is mostly cases a polyester.

Composite material

Composite material – this is material produced from  two or more constituent materials. Composite material have a lot of advantages comparing wit common materials, such a price, light od more durable.

GFRP Laminate

GFRP Laminate – a kind of composite, for example a plastic made from connecting two material with different mechanical, physical and technological properties, where strengthen factor (fiberglass) is laying in layers between which is located filling (polymer).

Designing, molds manufacturing

Composites – designing, modeling moluds, tools manufacturing. Complex manufacturing of GFRP laminates elements armed in additional elements ( exp. In metal, electric elements). Heating and painting of elements. Hand lay-up lamination, vacuum, RTM, 3D scanning.

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    Leading manufacturer of glass reinforced laminate

    Astromal is one of leading manufacturer of glass reinforced laminate for industry in Poland. Company is one o biggest factory of this type in Central and East Europe.

    More than 40 years of experience

    We have more than 40 years of experience in production of tooling necessary to manufacturing composite elements. This stand us amongst most experienced companies in European Union when it comes for production of forms and models for this industry.

    Complicated and specialized products

    Experienced and numerous working crew and extensive machinery park allow us to make most complicated and specialized products, including making of large-size details.

    Not only manufacturing a laminates

    We provide a complex services in area of production and manufacturing elements from glass reinforce polyester laminate. We are not only manufacturing a composites in raw form but we produce all done elements which are prepared to mounting.